aged structure
on stage (view 1)
on stage (view 2)
rock, paper, scissors (view 1)
rock, paper, scissors (view 2)
mapping what's next
house of light
twins separated at birth
wall 2
wall 3
green wall
artists' books/sculpture

This spring I temporarily shifted my studio quarters to a 30” x 42” drafting table in my living room. Circumstances called for a change of scale and direction, and I found it in drawing and a return to the medium of book-making, which first engaged me over 25 years ago. This new work began in handmade sketchbooks and has developed through free-standing book structures into forms that are more and more sculptural. Sometimes the spaces I am making seem like they could be monumental in scale and made of materials other than paper; it is intriguing to imagine being able to walk around inside them.

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